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LJC Video Services

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Hours: Monday – Saturday, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.



Classic movies get a new life with from. LJC Video Services offers film to DVD or films to hard drive transfer for old movies. Film color correction is also available so that you can appreciate your favorite movies in a new light.


Films to DVDs

Find new appreciation for your favorite movies. Your classic movies are more accessible for you with film transfer to DVD and hard drive. Before the process of conversion, the film is inspected and cleaned to ensure that any dirt particles are removed that would disrupt the quality.

Film Sizes

Film Sizes

  • 3-inch - 50 ft.
  • 4-inch - 100 ft.
  • 5-inch - 200 ft.
  • 6-inch - 300 ft.
  • 7-inch - 400 ft.

LJC does The following film formats  (see graphic above): 

8mm, 8mm sound, Super 8mm, Super 8mm Sound, 16mm Silent, 16mm Magnetic, 16mm Optical

Related Services

Films are color corrected & for movies that are silent,  music is converted so that it is in sync with the film. This is a service that is at no extra charge to you with the additional option of adding your own music instead of the original film score. Films with no soundtrack are scanned on a film scanner with music added. Film with an existing magnetic or optical soundtrack uses a separate system.